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Autumn 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. As America’s 35th president, JFK brought an exciting blend of energy, exuberance and optimism – tempered by his experiences as a decorated military officer in World War II – to our country. As we near this milestone occasion, the Suburban Fall Home Show is proud to announce that it is presenting “The JFK Experience – Remembering a Great American President”on October, 18, 19, 20, 2013 at The EXPO Center @ Oaks, PA.

This exhibit features a multi-media experience for all ages as you move through displays with memorabilia from JFK’s life leading up to and including his time in the White House. Visitors can get their pictures taken at the White House Press podium. View an exact replica of the Presidential limousine used during that time period. Watch a moving tribute to JFK’s last 24 hours.
All of this and more await. Perfect for grandparents, families and even elementary, middle school and high school class tours!
DEP at Home is an interactive, educational exhibit that promotes energy efficiency, green appliances and lighting, as well environmental friendly and Pennsylvania-produced products for the home.

The exhibit features four areas: outside, bath and laundry room, kitchen and living room. Each room features décor, appliances and building materials that help improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Outside, water conservation is depicted through a variety of landscape features. For young visitors, the entire exhibit is a scavenger hunt.
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