FAQ for Attendees

Q:Is parking free?

A:Yes, there are over 5000 FREE parking spaces surrounding the EXPO Center.

Q:Are there fresh flowers for purchase?

A:Yes, Plaza flowers will sell fresh cut flowers at the entrance of our February home & garden show.

Q:Are there refreshments?

A:Yes, the EXPO Center has a full concession stand as well as a buffet style meal.

Q:Which Hall is the Home Show located in?

A:Hall A and Hall B and the main entrance to the show is through Hall A

Q:Can you re-enter the event if you leave?

A:Tickets are sold per day.  If you would like to leave and come back on the same day we can stamp your hand.

Q:What is the cost of admission?

A:Thursday, February 20th is FREE for all to attend.
Fri, Sat & Sun cost $10 per adult and $3.00 off coupons can be found on this site under Attendee Information.

Q:Are strollers allowed into the EXPO Center?

A:Yes.  We do not have strollers for rent though.

Q:Is there a coat check available?

A:No, there is no coat check however, check with the show office at the time of your visit.

Q:Where is the Oaks EXPO Center located?

A:Just off Route 422 of the Oaks exit (5 miles West of King of Prussia).  Explicit directions can be found under Attendee Information

FAQ for Exhibitors

Q:What is the smallest booth space available?

A:Our smallest booth size is 10′ X 10′.

Q:Is the EXPO Center in Oaks a right to work building?

A:Yes, you may move-in and construct your own display.
Q:Is there special parking for exhibitors?
A:No, all parking is free on the premise.

Q:Is there a special concession stand for exhibitors?

A:Yes, the buffet in Hall A is sold to exhibitors at a discounted rate of $9.00 per meal.

Q:Are carpet, tables & chairs provided with the booth?

A:No.  You may bring your own or rent from our decorator.  It is mandatory for all exhibits to have something down on the concrete floor.

Q:Is there a schedule for move-in/move-out per exhibitor?

A:No, we have certain move-in and move-out days but there are no specific times when exhibitors need to adhere to.  Our move-out ends on Monday at 12 PM Noon.

Q:Are forklifts available & if so, do they cost?

A:Yes, we provide 1 forklift in our Fall Show & 2 forklifts in our Spring Show to help exhibitors move-in/move-out at no extra charge

Q:Do exhibitors have to work their booths all hours of the show?

A:Yes, it is mandatory to have a representative in your exhibit all hours of the show.

Q:Are signs allowed to hang from the ceiling?

A:Yes, however, there is a cost from our show decorator to use their scissor lift and personnel to do so.

Q:Are balloons allowed?

A:We strongly recommend against balloons due to the EXPO Center’s rule.

Q:Is outside food allowed at the EXPO Center?

A:No.  The concessions prohibits delivery from outside food companies but do offer a buffet for exhibitors at a discounted rate of $9.00 per meal.